Weather Station

In June 2012 we set up a Davis Vantage Vue wireless weather station in our ecological garden. The station measures wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure and rainfall and sends the data wirelessly to a data logger within the school. The data are logged and fed to the Davis Weatherlink website. The image below shows current weather conditions at St. Joseph's at the time you accessed this page.

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The weather station is a wonderful educational resource for our pupils. They can check weather conditions on a daily basis and can use the Davis software to view monthly and annual graphs for all the data. This brings a local focus to their lessons on weather and climate change, and also complements our Green Schools programme.

Here is the current 3-day weather summary issued by Met Eireann.

Here is an animated visualisation of current wind conditions around the globe courtesy of You can click and drag the globe to rotate it for different views, and double click to zoom in.