Maths Games

The game zone for our Cracking Maths scheme has excellent maths games
Gamezone for 2nd class
Gamezone for 3rd class
Gamezone for 4th class
Gamezone for 5th class
Gamezone for 6th class

The Countdown numbers and letters games are very popular. Play them by clicking here.

These games open in a new window.
Matching shapes
Matching fractions to percentages
Beat the Clock times tables

These links to other websites also have games for practising maths skills.
Koala Karts Counting
Alien Addition
Minus Mission
Meteor Multiplication
Demolition Division
Ratio Blaster
Beat the Clock Times Tables
Multiplication Blocks
Number Jumble
Robot Calculator
Addition games
Multiplication games

This link has lots of maths games Maths Magician and you can even create your own games.